Support me

Why support me?

I've taken part in open source software since 2002. I first was a translator for the PostgreSQL project and then francophone press contact (except Québec). Later I started using TYPO3 and got involved seriously in that second project since 2007. I became a member of the Core Team. I also shared more than 20 extensions with the community. Since 2011 I lead the Documentation Team.

I'm doing all that for a variety of reasons (see box on the right). I have my motivations and I don't expect anything in return directly. However expressions of gratitude are always welcome and help recharge batteries when they are leaning towards empty. So below you will find some ideas about how to thank me for my work if you feel like doing so. You will be very welcome.

What can you do?

Here are the tokens of gratitude that will be appreciated:

  • simply send a nice mail
  • pick some stuff from my Amazon wish list (and not something else, please)
  • talk about it. If you find one of my tools useful, don't hesitate to spread the word about it.
  • take a step back and think about the beauty of sharing. What are you giving yourself?

My motivations

I got involved in open source projects nearly as soon as I started using some. It seemed obvious. The reasons why got clearer over time.

My base motivation is political. I don't adhere to capitalism, other social and economic models are possible (indeed necessary). Open source is one of them. It's a culture a giving and sharing, extremely enriching. It's not just an exchange of technical knowledge, but also a source of friendships. This culture is spreading outside of virtuality (hackerspaces, fab labs, even seeds) and this is a cause for rejoicing.

Ego is of course not foreign to this. It is very pleasant to see one work's appreciated and to be acknowledged by one's peers.

And anyway I love programming. As every developer I like my code to be known, used and appreciated. What better way to achieve this than to share it?